Adopt a trail

Mattley Loop Trail, located near Arnold, California, off route 7N09. Our work crew this year consisted of eight hard working people; Ira & Lorrie Weiny, Ed Lorenzen, Chris Thordarson, David Thordareson, Mark Pajdowski, Ole Stortroen & myself.

The overall work that was needed to open the trail for the season was considerably less than it has been in previous years. The postponement of two weeks from our original schedule date of June 24-25 was necessary. In contacted Lonnie just prior to our June date, he told me there was still “lots of snow” and it was slowly melting.

Our group worked from 9:40 am to 4 pm. There were no snow drifts to shovel through, but we had six downed tress. The men used axes to cut through the downed trees in order to clear them from the trail. Lonnie Allison (our Forest Service Contact) mentioned that a few guys on ATV’s had cut and cleared some of the downed trees prior to our scheduled weekend. This added help was greatly appreciated.

The trail is now officially open for the season.

Lonnie thanked our group for all our hard work.

Respectfully Submitted, Sherry Stortroen