Responding to Ocktoberfest

Great report Connie. There is little I could add, except that you are being way too nice describing my little mishape on the return leg. "That situation was caused by my losing concentration on the road ahead. The rock in question was in front of the passenger side tire and I simply forgot how big it was. Up the rock we went until gravity took over. It's surprising how tough these jeep tops are, not a scratch from leaning aganist the tree."

The best line of the trip came from CJ, at this point, as he jumps out of his jeep and yells:... "Gary, what do think you are doing...don't move... Connie, grap your camera and come up here quick". It's clear he has a media backgroud and never wants to miss a photo oppurtunity. Between Connie and Gary F. there are plenty of pictures.

An excellent event and looking forward to the next...I need the practice. CJ really went out of his way to make this a great, safe and successful run.

Gary S.