Hollister Hills

Sunday, April 20, 2008It was a fine day at Hollister Hills SVRA. Everyone was on time. It wasn’t too cold, too hot or too windy. No one broke anything. Ron made it up Truck Hill: Twice! Ava drove all the way up the ravine, through the frame twister and up the Stairstep. Daniel drove the Volkswagen bus up the Stairstep. He wanted to do the ravine, but the guides chickened out. Maybe Kelly can guide him next time. Jim got stuck just enough to provide a nice recovery demonstration. And Brian demonstrated that the mud pit wasn’t that deep. Yes, he drove through. 3 times. Yuck! Some of us stopped for dinner in San Juan Batista at Dona Esters for some Mexican food.

Most of the trails look pretty good on the south side. Darell, Kathy, Mike & Dede ran the trails on the north side.

Attending: Ava & Dennis Ron Daniel (VW Synchro 4WD Van) CJ Connie (Emerald Green CJ at the last clinic) Brian & Brandon (nephew) Mike & Susie (golden retriever) Dede & Mike Kathy & Darell Jim & his co-drivers John, Hope, Shane & Brenna Ruiz! Tom Ellen Hope I didn’t miss anyone…

See you next meeting, Ellen