Hollister Hills

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jim, Monica, and Michael for a very nice time out at Hollister. It seemed like we actually did a lot in a very short time. The new “O” coarse is a very nice addition to the Park. I am very happy that I did not suggest going on Sunday instead of Saturday. A lot of people were there thinking that possibly mud would be in abundance. There was some mud, but we all tip toed around to avoid it. Both of the Jeeps behaved themselves so I did not have to rescue them. Some head scratching and a little rock repositioning in the new “OC” helped me get over the well positioned rocks. I think these were the ones that Ron Frey got hung up on also. No damage and a good time had by all. I know we just did not try hard enough, right Jim Hodges??? Looking forward to the meeting on Tuesday. Thanks Monica for joining us for this event Darell