Blue Lakes

I to would like to give a special THANKS to Mike, Darell and Kathy on a job well done! Everyone knows how Saturday went so I’ll talk about Sunday.

Our Sunday morning Slick Rock Trail went very well. Our group consisted of 3 rigs Brian’s Rubicon, Richards Xterra and my Toyota. We left the trail head at 9:30. Richard being the trooper he is made it through V-Rocks with very little guidance. He does a very good job with that Nissan! No one was on the trails so we made it to the stair step in good time with Brian’s lead. Once at the stair step as normal, we got out of our rigs and walked up the trail to check things out. There were 2 other rigs (Toyota P/U & Rubicon) parked in the by-pass and they were just sitting on the rocks waiting for people to come through. First was Brain and he walked right up with very little spotting from Lonny. Next was Richard in his Xterra. Guess what Ira? Richard made it up with NO rock stacking and made it up on the first try with Brian’s spotting. My job was to stack rocks Richard but I was not needed on this trip. Feeling lazy and not wanting to walk done to my Toyota I told Lonny to go for it. He did not hesitate on going down to get it. Saturday was his first trip ever out on a trail and he made the stair step look easy! How ever on his way down he did lift the right rear tire about 4 feet in the air that made his eyes very big. We made it back to the starting point by noon. There we said our good byes and we all went our different ways.