Campout pre-run

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we (My two sons and I) left Clovis to join up with the rest of the pre-run group. We met up with Andrew, Randy, John C. and John S. at the Ranger station at around 10:45am.

It was then head up to Badger Flat to check things out.

Our two Broncos left the ranger station about 45 minutes after the other guys did. We were heading up 4 lanes, which is a very long grade on the way to Shaver Lake, when my Bronco seemed to start cutting out. I was able to pull off the road at a little store. I thought maybe I had a fuel filter obstruction. As I got out of the vehicle, smoke was coming out from under it. Looking under the vehicle, it became very clear why Fire Extinguishers are a required piece of equipment to be carried. Transmission fluid had been dripping onto the cross pipe and had now 5-6″ flames. Two shots from the extinguisher and the flames were put out.

After almost another delay of an hour we again continued our trip to find the rest of the guys. We all met up at Huntington Lake.

Being able to be a part of the group was very interesting. The thoroughness of the group in checking out the different trails that will be used for the campout was very impressing. We went to portions of the following trails, Mirror Lake, Strawberry Lake, Red Lake, and Swamp Lake.

After a somewhat “rocky start” we had no more trouble the rest of the day. This is a very pretty area and I think all who are going to the campout will enjoy the area.