Sierra Trek

Run Report for Thursday, August 10, 2006. (Sierra Trek was August 10-13,2006). I ran the Thursday Short Wheel base, Fordyce Creek Trail. I got to the trail head sometime very early on Thursday, in an attempt to run more towards the front of the group. (Thursday line up it at a first come, first in line bases). Who needs sleep! I was about the 6 or 7 vehicle, after the trail leader.

The trail was a different kind of difficult this year!!! For those who have not yet attempted Fordyce Creek trail, it’s only 12 miles. Well this year it took me 9-1/2 hours. Not bad, 6 hours is my record. No real trouble, other than the trail, and in between the 5-winch hills were challenging to say the least, but not impossible.

What a good job the volunteers and trail crew do on the winch hills, and trail. They really want to keep everyone moving along the trail. Their practice is to give you 3 tries on the hills, then you get the hook, if you can’t make it. The volunteers that man these winch hills do an excellent job. Can’t say enough about those volunteers.

The Sierra Trek event is the only time during the wheeling season that you can run the entire trail from start (near Eagle Lakes Road), to finish (Meadow Lakes), unless you have a vehicle that can traverse very high, swift water. Cal-4, or I should say the chairpersons and the volunteers put on an excellent event for 4-wheelers to support and enjoy. Also lots of thing going on when you get to base camp.

Great trail, good time. Think about running it next year. That’s it for now. Happy trails, Sherry Stortroen