I had a great day getting stuck and enjoying the time spent with friends. It all started with everyone gathering at the 101 and Coyote Golf Course Dr exit. There was Jim in his Cherokee, Ellen in her Wrangler and one other TJ (sorry, bad with names!) when I got there about 9am. Altogether, I think we ended up with about 10 rigs. Brian, Or with his Dad, Yuval, black Cherokee (sorry about the name again), myself, CJ and his friend, Chris in Cj’s CJ (LOL), and I can’t remember the others. We got down to HH around 10 or so and aired down at the area just above the obstical course. Jim showed us his recovery gear that he wanted to try out during the day. Very capable items that I thought were great ideas. After the short pre drive meeting, we headed for the obstacle course and played around. 3 of us proceeded to get stuck (yeah!) and we got the opportunity to try out the recovery gear. I was stuck in the rock garden and the recovery items didn’t work for my stuck, but they were effective to say the least for the driver in the maroon TJ that needed help in the ravine. We had fun trying different methods of recovery, but at some time, we made the decision to get the strap out and pull me free from the rocks. I picked another line after discussing it with Jim and Cj and gave it another try. Success! Thanks guys for all your help.

We played around in the OC for another hour or so and had a blast. From there, we headed toward truck hill. On the way, wegot a big surprise. HH has built another OC just before truck hill and we had to try it out. I think we all agreed that was fun and they had done a great job with the course. Yes, some of us (me included) proceeded to get stuck, again, LOL. It was all a lot of fun and we enjoyed trying different ways of removal on the Jeep.

From the upper OC, we headed just over to truck hill and the big ravine. While most drove through the ravine and tried out their suspensions, I decided to go up the hill. I had made it up in the Spring during the first ED4 get together and wanted to do it again. Man, was it loose this time. I stopped about halfway up, back up a tad and picked a different line. The tires kept grabbing and up I went.

It was fun to watch everyone in the ravine and see what the vehicles do. It was about 1pm or so and we all were pretty hungury, so out came the sandwiches, drinks and such. CJ, you had some great chocolate chip cookies! Thanks pal.

From here, Ellen led us to the rock quarry to do some more playing around. I think Jim was having way too much fun, as his rear driveshaft gave up and we had to remove it, so he could get home with the front wheel drive. Everyone jumped into help and it didn’t seem like too long that we had him moving again. The group decided that some had had enough and we split up, with CJ, OR, Yuval and me heading up to the lookout at the top of Fremontia. We met a couple of guys up there and told them about ED4, as they were interested in possibly joining the club. It was getting late and we decided to head back home. All in all, a great day on the trails and I got to spend some time with friends. Oh yeah, I got the $50, also! I suggested that it go to the club and the group thought that was a good idea. Thanks ED4 for another fun trip. Ron