Boys Battalion

Hollister Hills SVRA. The day started out by an informative discussion from Patty Forbes, Resource Ecologist for the part.

We had 22 volunteers/drivers which consisted of Esprit de Fourmembers and friends. This year there were 18 passengers from the Boys Battalion #3124 from the Modesto Area.

Patty supplied us with litter bags and can catchers, and we split into three groups in order to cver the entire park. Our group picked up quite a bit of litter and other debris, but the park was considerably cleaner than it has been in past years. The trash that could be recycled was separated from the other debris fro the parks disposal.

After our park clean-up, we were treated to the BBQ tri-tip prepared by members of the Boys Battalion, and the volunteer drivers supplied the various potluck dishes. The food was good and plentiful. I don’t believe anyone left the table hungry.

Our weekend camping arrangements were a little tentative due to a conflict on the park’s calendar. The camping arrangements were worked out by park staff member, Jeff Gaffney, Chief Law Enforcement Officer, and we were allowed to use the GP (Grand Prix) track area. I have to admit that I was upset when I found out that we would not be allowed to use Area 5 for camping, ut the GP area worked well.

The weekend was both fun and productive thanks to all the volunteers, and members of the Boys Battalion. Also thanks to a rant from the CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation.

Respectfully Submitted, Sherry Stortroen