Hollister Hills Tree Planting

Volunteers: I really don’t think I can add much to Ed Lorenzen’s e-mail of April 22, only that I wish to personally THANK the following people:* Ron Heath; * Ole Stortroen; * Rich Martin; * Darell Kroeker; * Ed Lorenzen; * Ray Mendes and Aaron Mendes; * Christopher Thordarson; * Ellen Layendecker; and * David Grubman and his two daughters (sorry, David, I didn’t get your daughter’s names).

I think our group of volunteers are getting realllllly good at this planting thing. We were able to plant the 21 Elderberry bushes in about 1-1/2 hours, or less time. These bushes were planted on the Hudner side of the park (that’s the newest part of the park ). After the planting, Patty Forbes treated us to some Lemon bars and Banana (nut less) bread. They were both delicious. We were also treated to a short tour of Hudner. Can’t wait for the Hudner side of the park to be open. Any day of 4-wheeling is a good day. Thanks you all so much for your help. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen