Blue Lakes

HereGÇÖs the perfect formula for fun: Sierras + great weather + 4×4 vehicles + Oktoberfest party.

Carol and I started our adventure Friday night braving the rush hour traffic through Milpitas and Fremont. This made us think of a line from a GÇ£you might be a 4 Wheeler ifGÇ¥ posting that we saw recently that went something like this GÇô {You are the type of person who immediately goes GÇ£postalGÇ¥ if you sit in a highway traffic jam for more than five minutes, yet you can spend six hours driving a total of one and a half miles and consider it a form of relaxation.} So TrueGǪ We made it as far as Arnold before we decided to get a room at the Meadowmont Lodge since our idea of off-roading doesnGÇÖt include launching ourselves off the side off HWY 4 in the middle of the night. I highly recommend the Meadowmont as it just happens to be directly across the street from the Snowshoe Brewery.


We pulled into the Tamarack lodge Saturday morning in time to greet Ira & Mike who were out getting their rigs ready for the days run. Soon after Daryl walked us through our safety inspection and before we knew it we were headed off towards the Hwy 4 entrance of the Trail.

Carol & IGÇÖd run this trail with the Northern Ca Xterra club last year, but from the other direction. This time it seemed like a whole new trail, even better then our last trek. IGÇÖd like to thank everybody for the great time w/ a special thanks to Stephen for spotting us through a few of the rockier sections.


Hmmm Slick rock!

Now Carol & I finally had the chance to return and finish what we started back on the Newbie run of 2004. Back on that trip the group turned around after letting all who wanted to cross V rock do so. Well, this was truly a kickass experience as we got a chance to come back and take care of some unfinished business. IGÇÖd like to extend a special thanks here to Brian for his excellent spotting.

We had a great weekend and canGÇÖt wait until our next excursionGǪGǪ.

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