Hollister Hills

Hi All Another good day was had by all that attended the Hollister Aug 26th run.

Kathy and I arrived at the school house just a hair past 9:00 am in true ED4 tradition. Actually I had to drop off some signs to a customer in Hollister that morning. Ellen and Jim H. were there and waiting for the others to show. I went and off loaded the Bronco at Sycamore Creek camp area. At about 9:35 Ellen along with Susi, Richad and Carol, and Dennis started heading up Hidden Valley trail. Jim, Kathy and I caught up with them up by the top of the hill. Ellen scouted the Chaparel trail going down and decided it was a little tough for some of the newbies. Dennis was already on his way down and did OK anyway. Jim, Susi and kathy and I headed down to meet up at five fingers area. I played around there on one of the big trees that has been down there for some time. I posed with the driver front on top of the 30″+ tree. Susi thought that was cool. I coaxed her over to give her Jeep ago at it. She did not think she should try it. After a few minutes I got her to not only try it, but to actually get up on top of the tree. I snapped a couple of pictures and had her get out and look to see how her suspension was working. She was amazed!. We all followed Ellen up McCray up to Bonanza Gulch trail and somehow ended up taking another trail, which was a shotcut back to McCray. Ellen then lead us up to Hector Height, where we had lunch. We received a call from another person as to our whereabouts, it was Dirk and his brother Craig, they came up and joined us for lunch. As we headed back down, it was decided to take Fremantia Road back to the Quarry. Another call came over the CB, where are you? It was Bill Farley at the other end. Bill was down in the “O” Course. He said he would wait for us there. Some time spent in the O Course area and off to the ravines at Truck Hill. I had to entertain the tropps by putting the Bronco within a degree or two of being on the side. Superior spotting and help with the strap and Dirk, Kathy, Tinker and I were once again back upright and continued up the ravine. Jim went up the ravine with Dirk, Richard and Carol following. This time I was doing the spotting and nobody had a problem. Richard and Carol then entertained us with their trek up Truck Hill in their Exterra. Richard did a very nice job of conquering the trail. We then headed over to the sand pit and watched Jim come close to a back flip. After several attempt, he was able to get to the top with out damage. It was now 3:30 and time for a soda at Sycamore, talk a little about the day and head back home.

It was nice to finally meet Susi in person. Susi has been doing a lot of work to her Jeep. Susi is from Monterey and said that she had a great time with us. We enjoyed having her there also.

Dennis has been at a couple of club meetings and also attended one of our clinics at which time he broke a timing chain and had to be towed out. He said that he had still enjoyed the clinic. Dennis drives a 87 Toyota 4Runner. I am a little courious because I can see some of the original red paint showing from under the silever that it is now, humm, I think there is another red 4Runner in the group. Did they only come in Red? Dennis is from Newark and enjoys the outdoors.

I was a great time to get to know some of the newbies and I only hope that they joins on other outings and meeting.

By the way NOBODY broke anything!!! Darell