Ocktoberfest Run

2009_1016_connie_01October 16th, 17th & 18th

Attendees: Carlos & the kids/Cherokee CJ/CJ7 GaryF & D/JK GaryS, Marleene & Molly/TJ MikeC, Herb/JK Myself/CJ7

Friday 16th - What beautiful weather for a trip! I left Fremont Friday morning heading for the hills. I stopped at the Pro Bass Shop off in Manteca for fun. When I got back to my Jeep it wouldn’t start. It sounded strong trying to turn over but just wouldn’t catch. Thanks to the detailed email CJ had sent out just before the weekend I knew roughly what time he might be passing through the area. It contained the contact info I needed too. Guess I’ll be keeping that Data Plan for my cell phone!

CJ was like a dog on a bone. He would not give up on my Jeep. And it was hot in Manteca. I decided on the last parts run that if that didn’t fix it I would hand the Jeep over to the towing service and take CJ up on his offer that I hop a ride with him up to Dorrington. Amazing! It was the last part that fixed it. The magnetic pickup in the distributor, a brand new part, less than a week old. CJ I can’t thank you enough for rescuing me! You are awesome!

It was because of me that CJ didn’t make it up to Arnold in time to organize the Friday afternoon Pine Needle Flat Trail. My apologies to all.

I stopped at the grocery store & sandwich shop in Arnold to pick up food items for the Saturday run. Then checked into my chalet at the Dorrington Inn.

Saturday 17th – At 7:00am we met up in the Dorrington Hotel parking lot. I was hesitant to take my Jeep on the run for a few reasons. I have no idea why a brand new magnetic pickup would fail, I didn’t have another one and I would have been the only vehicle without lockers. CJ offered that I could ride shotgun for him and I did. We left on time.

I see why they call the entrance “The Gate Keeper”. After airing down, we all walked up it and CJ pointed out the best line. He spotted everyone up. Mike C wanted to test his skills & vehicle on a different line and CJ spotted him through it. That JK is so dialed in it looked like he was floating over those big boulders.

The pace was nice and I got the added attraction of watching our progress on CJ’s laptop with Topo software. Pretty nice set up! I even got to enter a few Way Points to mark where the fallen trees were across the trail.

This was my first time riding through a water crossing that came up over the hubs. Right full rudder! Five degree down bubble! Dive! Dive! Dive! [I think I’ve seen too many submarine movies. But I could have sworn I heard the soundtrack to “The Hunt for Red October”.]

We stopped when spotting was necessary, at different areas to enjoy the scenery, discuss obstacles just tackled and where to have lunch. I think we reached Blue Lake around 12:10. Found a nice area with a picnic table in the shade and ample seating size rocks in the sun. A little something for everyone.

After lunch Carlos & the kids took the highway back to the RV park. The rest of the group returned via the trail. It was interesting how different the trail looked and felt going in the opposite direction. Some areas seemed easier and others more difficult.

We had a little excitement near the end when the rear driver side tire of GaryS’s TJ slide off a rock and he wound up in an off camber position. It was a perfect time for Mike C to try out his winch! We all got to see it in use. Well, maybe not Marlene, as she was sitting calmly in the passenger seat holding onto Molly [the lab] who was laying partially between the driver & passenger seat. Great job everyone!

After passing through The Gate Keeper everyone hopped out and began the duties of airing up and organizing items in the vehicles. We discussed dinner and decided on the Snowshoe Brewery.

It was a real treat for me to be riding with CJ. I had my own personal tour guide. His knowledge of the local history, sprinkled with stories of times spent at the family cabin, were wonderful.

Dinner time: Despite the restaurant being busy, we were lucky enough to be able to sit together for dinner, recapping the events of the day. I couldn’t believe it, but GaryF had already downloaded his photos onto his laptop and brought it in to show a few shots of when GaryS was in his off camber situation.

The conversation turned towards Sunday’s run. Slickrock was the plan. After the meeting time and place was determined, everyone headed off to their various abodes for a night of restful slumber.

Sunday 18th – I had planned on sleeping in and then heading home. I awoke in time to check out, drive over and wish the others a good day. Loro was there with Sierra & Alpine. I’m glad she made it as she was looking forward to the Slickrock run and missed the Deer Valley one.

My thanks to all for making it a fun event, and especially to CJ for hosting it and for rescuing me in Manteca! I’ll say it again You’re Awesome!

Sincerely, Connie 1980 Green CJ7