Corral Hollow

Adopt a Trail / Campout Trip Report

Patty and I arrived Thursday (7/28/11) afternoon at the campsite. Thanks to the GPS coordinates and ED4 signs, we found the campground easily. Some members had already arrived, but Ole was at the campsite making sure that we had the space we needed. After setting up our tent / site, we walked around to introduce / greet those members at the campground. Dave came over and introduced himself and gave us a run down of the events to occur. As prospectives, we felt quite comfortable. After dinner, we walked over to the group campfire and joined in the "party". We finally called it quits about 10 pm. Friday morning was the start of the trail maintenance work. The forest rangers were on hand to give up a pep talk and explaining the forest service guideline's and new trail maps (someone mentioned that they should have brought their decoder ring to decipher the map... true). We broke up into 2 groups, one for Mattley Ridge trail (leader was Dave) and the other for Corral Hollow trail (leader was Jason).

The Mattley Ridge crew consisted of Dave and Loro (& Alpine), Ole and Sherry, John and Hope & family, Mike and Reynosa, Gary and Marlene (& Molly), and Chris and Patty. We followed the trail up to the ridge then took the right fork of the trail at the "hunters" staging area (?). Then the fun began. Our 1st tree was cut up to reveal a snow bank. We got thru this one easily enough, but then came the next snow bank. There was a LOT of snow to move. Everyone worked real hard to get it down to a level where the vehicles could get through.  All in all, I think we cut up 10 or 11 trees (Ole had the BIG saw, while John and I had smaller ones)  and dug out 4 snow banks (We destroyed at least one shovel). By the time we hit the bottom of the trail, the only thing anyone wanted to do was get back to camp. And that's what we did, very quickly I might add.

Dinner that nite consisted of  a Taco Dinner. Everything tasted great! It was great seeing 2 empty tables all of the sudden get filled with a large quantity of food. Rumor had it that Jason held the record with 4 taco's. The desert was two types of ice cream and some pie, cookies, and brownies. Thank you Dave for organizing this. After dinner, people sat around the campfire and talked about the day's events and jeeping in general. Since the Mattley trail hadn't been finished, it was decided to finish it up on Saturday. We finally agreed (reluctantly) on a start time of 7:30 am.

Saturday we hit the tail around 8 am. We broke up into two groups again. Dave's group (w/ John & Shane, Chris & Patty, Ellen &Loro) took the upper ridge trail while Jason's group headed lower. After a nice climb to the top of a ridge, we decided to clear an extra trail. Chain saws made quick work of a small tree. At the junction of another road, we turned around and headed back to the last trail junction and continued on the Mattley trail. We eventually came to a 30" plus log crossing the gravel trail. A bypass had been made around the log in the soft dirt. It was decided that we should clear the trail and close off the bypass. John's chainsaw and my chain saw were not long enuf to cut clear through the log in one cut, so it was done in stages. Eventually, we made two cuts clearing the log off the trail. John's chain saw got stuck in the log when the weight of the log shifted. We managed to use 2 hi-lift jacks to re-position the log and allow the chain saw to be pulled out. Since the log was so huge and heavy, we winched 2 sections out off the road.  It was gratifying to see some ATV's use the newly cleared trail shortly thereafter.

After lunch on the trail, we returned to the campground. We met up with Gary & Marlene, Vidas, Mike & Reynosa to determine if we were going to run slick rock. I was concerned about the trail since I was running stock tires, but everyone assured me that I would be fine. After some discussion, Dave, Loro (& Alpine) and I decided to go ahead with the run. We drove up to Bear Valley and gassed up. We then proceded to the trail head. All in all, I didn't find the trail to be too difficult. While I made bottom contact several times and scraped some paint off my driver side fenders (and rock rail), I got thru the run pretty good.

After the run, we aired up near the main road and returned back to camp. Vidas and Dave had to leave, but Gary, Marlene, Ellen, and Loro remained and we all had a great shared dinner that evening. Everyone packed up and left Sunday morning. Thanks to everyone at the campout and the trail run. Patty and I had a great time. See you all at the next meeting.

Summer Campout/Adopt a Trail

First, the event was a real fun! Thanks to all organizers for flawless execution. I arrived to the ED4 camp on Thu around 5:30pm. (The directions were very clear.) I was greeted by Dave who suggested me several camping options. I chose a campsite close to the main campfire. After setting my tent and having a quick snack, Dave came over to tell me about tomorrow's plans. He thought that trails probably had already been opened by rangers or other 4wheelers, and we will be done by 11am and will be able to run some trails, like Slick Rock in the afternoon. In the hindsight it was over-optimistic which probably reflects Dave's nature ;-) Then I joined the group of Jason, Jim, Mike P, Ole, and Tom to talk about tomorrow etc. Jason demonstrated some amazing articulation of his Jeep and his skill on the huge rock near our camp.

In the evening we gathered by the campfire with our drinks and had a lively conversation. I went to sleep at 10pm.

On Fri 8:30am we had forest rangers visiting our camp. They explained about the changing rules of trail use, handed us preliminary trail and forest road maps and posed for the group pictures. Then we divided into two groups: one led by Dave went to Mattley Ridge Loop trail, and our group of 5 rigs led by Jason & Mike - Jim, Tom & Daniel, Greg & Josh, and I went to Corral Hollow trail. Before leaving the camp Jason's Jeep experienced power steering problem. His hydraulically assisted steering was installed just before this campout and got some air in the system. The air evacuation caused us about 20min delay. We started from the eastern end of the trail; I disconnected, aired down to 20psi. In the beginning the trail was freshly cleared, probably by forest rangers or other groups. However, later on our way we encountered and cleared about 4 fallen trees. But the biggest obstacle and fun was crossing the snow drifts. We needed to use tow strap from the moment we encountered the first large snow drift. Jason was going first and was sailing through most of the snow drifts, but on one of them he got stuck sliding to the side of the drift and ramming his rear tire against the tree stump and his roll cage against the tree. I witnessed some technical finesse how Jason operating two winches from front (his) and rear (Tom's) got out of trouble without damaging anything. Tom and Daniel were the second "victims" following the same line as Jason (first unloading his dog Dusy) and getting into the same predicament. They got out of this situation the same way as Jason. The rest of our team took a bypass without any trouble but also with much less fun. Other snow drifts presented less problems or had bypasses. We were done around 1pm (I think). The team decided to go to Mattley Ridge Loop to check how another group was doing and offer our help if needed. We got on the top of the hill when Jim's engine stalled. Luckily it was just running out of gas. Jim was astounded when he discovered that his Jerry can was also empty. He had to borrow some gas from Tom and was back on track... but in a minute Tom's engine stalled running out of gas! Tom used his remaining gas in a can, and we continued.

We failed to make a contact with Dave but we saw that the trail was not cleared all the way through. We came back to the camp and had some drinks waiting for another group. Ellen just arrived and joined us. When another group finally arrived they were very tired. They removed 11(?) fallen trees and shoveled snow drifts, so that even Mini Cooper could pass. However, the did not finish all the way trough and they did not even start another loop in that trail. There was work to be finished on Saturday.

Dinner organized by Dave and contributed by everybody was great: tasty food, fine desserts, and fun people to talk to. We all gathered around the campfire and had really good time. I sat next to Greg, Dave and Loro, and we talked about 4wheeling and CAL4WD. I called it a night at 10am. Tomorrow we had to start at 7:30am.

On Saturday we departed to Mattley Ridge Loop trail around 8am. On the trail we divided into two groups. I joined the one led by Jason & Mike. Others in our group were Greg & Josh and Mike & Brittany. We had really exiting trail run through the loop that has not been touched the day before: tight, steep and off-camber in places, running in dense woods and traversing nice meadows. We removed 5 fallen trees and were done around noon. We headed back to camp. Jason, Mike and Jim were packing up and leaving, while Gary, Greg, Josh, Mike and I were planning to go to Slick Rock train once Dave's group returns. When they came back it was already too late for Greg and Josh but we (Gary and Marlene, Mike & Reynosa, and I) were joined by Chris & Patty and Dave & Loro with her dog Alpine.

We were concerned that the stream crossing the trail may be too deep for stock height of Chris and Patty's Jeep but decided to give it a try. There were numerous other groups on Slick Rock trail. I must say that the trail changed a bit since I last visited it a couple of years ago: more eroded in places, the was no bypass for the Slick rock itself, and there's only one way down among scattered rocks. I followed Dave & Loro over steep ledge at the bottom of the Slick rock and made some metal contact. The stream was not deep at all - it receded since Mike visited it a couple of weeks back. However, the steps at the end of the trail changes since my last visit. I was unable to make it all the way up the normal rout and took an easier rout over the rock on the left. Only Dave and Mike in longer wheelbase rigs made it straight up. Amazingly, Chris and Patty made the whole trail in their near stock JK unlimited 4d without damaging anything. Great work!

After Slick Rock trail we all went back to the camp. I packed and left around 5pm.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this trip, and it helped me to get to know closer people from the club. Looking forward to the next adventure!


Adopt-a-Trail Photos

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Sunday, June 28:CJ & Susanna, Dennis Holler & Ava Moore, Loro, Sierra & Alpine Valarie & Rick Arnesen, & Moke. (Sorry if I got the name wrong? I was not very awake this morning) Met at the Corral Hollow trail head at about 9:30am, and ran the trail up to Bear Valley by about 12:30 with a stop for a short hike to the high point. The trail is completely open, with easy passage through the snow banks. I'm happy to report the Grand Cherokee is gone.

After an ice cream break at Bear Valley, CJ led his parents, Dennis & Ava & me to lunch on the banks of the creek on Slick Rock Trail. After lunch, I headed home uneventfully other than the blistering hot weather. The rest headed down the trail! So, more news to follow...

Also, I got a photo of a fungus I've never seen before, even in the mycology books. Looks like a white ball with spikes on it! If anyone knows mushrooms, let me know and I'll send a photo.

Thanks to Sherry for organizing the trail opening!



Hello All, Here's a trip report for the Saturday and Sunday runs. This was the first time for Ava and I to run any of these trails and it was an awesome weekend to do them.

Actually, neither Ava nor I had ever been to the Horse Gulch campground so before we checked into the Lodge we drove in to see where it was on Friday evening. We found Ellen and Connie already set up in camp and talked to them for awhile, then went into Arnold for the evening.

Run #1: Early Saturday morning (8AM!) we all met back at camp to start out on the Mattley Ridge trail for cleanup. (Others have listed the participants). Ellen led us through both loops of the trail. Mostly it was cleaning up debris, but we did move some branches around to detour around a bypass due to a fallen log. None of us had a chainsaw, so that's the best we could do at the time. It had been a long day so we all dispersed to relax for the evening.

Run #2: Sunday morning, we slept in and met at 9AM at the Corral Hollow trail head. This time it was CJ and Susannah, Rick and Valerie Arneson (and Moke), Loro and Sierra and Alpine, Ellen, and Dennis and Ava. CJ led the way through the trail. We stopped at the cabin (which was occupied by campers) and also stopped at the top of the trail just across the valley from the Bear Valley Ski Runs. Loro and the dogs, Dennis, Ava, and Rick hiked the 1/4 mile to the high point -- which is the highest point in Alpine County. We continued on to highway 4 where we drove up to the gas station/store at Bear Valley. There we rested, (some had ice cream!) then we continued to a lunch spot at the falls on the Slick rock trail.minus Loro who decided to drive home with her ailing Bronco (I hope she made it ok.)

Run #3: So, three runs in two days! I had heard quite a bit of talk about Slickrock and have wanted to try it for a long time. After we had lunch, Ellen headed for home and the Arneson's made a Toyota sandwich with their CJ's on the trail. This was an awesome trail, and showed me that I had made some good choices on the mods to the 4Runner. I had no problems running this trail and got considerably less damage than the Deer Valley run several years ago. I broke in the sliders!!! The lockers worked great and the crawler gears really made the going much easier. Below is a link to a picture of CJ guiding me up the stair step at the end of the trail. I had a wonderful time all weekend.


Hi All, Just wanted to send out give out a big "Thank you" for all the voluneers who worked on the Adopt-a-trails for both the Mattley Loop Ridge and Corral Hollow trails. Just this Saturday, June 27, Ellen lead the group of us to open or finish opening the Mattley Loop Trail. Jason and his group did a great job the prior weekend. Thanks Jason for the great e-mail.

For this past Saturday, the list of volunteers is as follows:

* Ellen Layendecker,

* C. J. Arnesen and him mom, Valarie Arnesen,

* Loro Paterson,

* Dennis Holler & Ava Moore,

* Carlos Fuchen and his family.

* Connie Wilson,

* Susanna Dergee, and

* myself (Sherry)

Ellen lead our group of 13 volunteers. 7 vehicles. Thank you Ellen. Valerie pass around some delicious bread, that we all enjoyed prior to us leaving for the trail. Our work day on Saturday was pretty much uneventful, the group did work on a slight re-route of a section of the trail, back to the original trail. We did pick up lots of trash/shooting stuff. Same place as last year's trash pick up, but less...So I think we are making an impact. Good job all. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen

Run Report for June 18, 2009, Corral Hollow Trail

Jason Green lead the group of 9 volunteers, as follows:

* Tom Vella,

* Ed Lorenzen,

* Ole Stortroen and myself,

* Mike Phorn,

* Ron Gustafson,

* Jim O'Leary and

* Chris Means.

This year on the Corral Hollow Trail offered up lots, I mean lots of snow. We did encounter 3 downed trees, one really large one, that had fallen against itself, accross the trail and empaled another tree on the opposite side of the trail. It was something to see. This downed tree offered our chainsaw guys (Jason & Ole) a slight challenge, but with the help of their chainsaws, lots of winching, the downed tree didn't have a chance.

Jason, Jim, Tom & Jim Vella, Mike P., Chris and Ron did run the Mattley Loop Ridge trail, or most of the trail on June 18. Thanks a bunch for all that tree clearing.

If I have missed someone, please let me know. Again, Thanks Much for your help. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen


ED4, As Sherry mentioned, 9 of us (Ole, Sherry, Jim O., Tom V., Mike P., Ed, Ron, Chris, and myself) opened the Corral Hollow Trail on Thursday. A couple very large trees across the trail, one suspended 6+ feet in the air resting on a 8" diameter tree, and 4-5 feet of snow made this one of the toughest years by far. Everyone pitched in and we had the trail cleared by 4pm.

With our goal completed, we decided to tackle the Mattley Loop Trail on Friday. We ( Tom V., Jim O., Jim V., Mike P., Ron, Chris, and myself) met with Lonnie at 8:30am to give him an update on the trails and then we went to work. We began on the "tree side" of the loop, as opposed to the "snow side". Only 1 large 40" diameter tree (I know this because my 3' bar did not cut all the way through) and a handful of smaller trees across the trail. We flew through the first section and made it to the 7N-09 intersection in less than an hour. We proceeded down the rocky section and missed the right turn down the hill to the steep off-camber section of the trail. The trail that we were on was well traveled and very nice. This was a new trail for everyone there. It led us to a gravel road and we turned right to get back to our original trail. We quickly found the bottom of the steep, off-camber section and headed up it. That was a blast. All of the drivers got real serious going up that hill! We had a few more trees to clear and we popped back out on the main trail and headed back to the 7N-09 intersection for lunch right around noon.

After lunch we decided to tackle the "snow section" from the bottom up. Nobody ever claimed that we were rocket scientist!! After a 15 minute dusty cruise down the gravel road, we headed up the trail. I just need to say, the meadows up there right now are really breath taking!! After a leisurely drive up the trail, crossing the meadow, we ascended to the first of 4 big snow drifts. Everyone grabbed a shovel and we cut a trench to keep our vehicles on the trail. Jim O. was the lead and had to winch through to break trail. From that point, everyone else strapped each other through. This continued as we slowly progressed up the trail. It was a lot of work, but everyone had a smile on their face. We cleared the top of the hill around 2:45pm and headed back to camp to clean up and head home.

So, if you have read this far, the Mattely Loop Trail is open!! There is no need to head up there next weekend and work. I know this will be exciting news to some people and a disappointment to others who were looking forward to heading up there. To the people who were looking forward to getting out of town next weekend, I say keep your plans and leave your shovel and work gloves at home and go enjoy the trails!! It is flat out awesome up there right now and I hear the fishing is pretty good at Lake Alpine. The work weekend just became a relaxing weekend. There are a lot of other trail down from ours to explore as well. The possibilities are endless........




Corral Hollow and Mattley Ridge Loop By Chris Mains

Wow, what a fun 2 days.

I arrived at Horse Gulch campground on Wednesday night. I had the whole place to myself until about 11:30 pm or so when Jason, Jim, Ron and Mike arrived.

The next morning after everyone was fed and rigs were prepped we headed out to begin the opening of the Corral Hollow trail. In addition to Jason, Jim, Ron, Mike and myself were Tom V, Ole and Sherry. It was pretty uneventful until after the cabin. We found a couple of trees that needed to be cut up, so out came the chainsaws.

Ole and Jason made short work of the trees and the rest of us pushed them out of the way. A short time later we came to an area that usually has some snow in June and boy did we find snow….and a very stuck and abandoned Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Grand was blocking the trail so with a little digging and a tow strap it was soon moved to the side so that we could attempt to continue on. It was tough going getting past the first couple hundred or so feet, but with Jim’s and Tom’s winches everyone was through in short order. We came across a little more snow up at the top which turned out to be not much of a problem and then we stopped for lunch at a spectacular view spot.

After lunch we began our descent towards Hwy 4, but soon came across a huge fallen tree that was suspended above the trail. It was an extremely dangerous tree to remove, but after much discussion and planning the group managed to lower the tree to the ground, cut it up and move it without any injuries. The remainder of the journey was uneventful.

Day 2 was the Mattley Ridge Trail. We had 4 rigs with me, Jason, Jim, Mike, Ron, Tom and his brother Jim in attendance. We decided to start out on the side that we knew would not have snow. Actually, there was very little that needed to be done. I believe we had to cut one fairly large tree early on and then drag a few smaller ones out of the way.

I guess at some point we missed a turn that would have taken us onto a difficult steep off-camber trail. So, we ended up on a trail that was new to me. It was very tight in spots but not too challenging. Eventually we ended up on a gravel road that we thought might take us back to 7N09, but in actually put us at the bottom of the steep off-camber trail. So, of course we decided to go up it. That was very cool. The off-camber stuff definitely keeps my attention. Couple that with some really tight spots, very steep climbs with a poor traction surface and you have some serious fun. We have to do that again. After that excitement we stopped for lunch. After lunch we decided to tackle the other side of the trail from the bottom up. Gravity was not helping us. We shoveled, winched and strapped our way to the top with Jim leading the way. It was epic. In the end the trail was opened at we headed back to Horse Gulch to pack and head home. A hot shower was waiting.

Adopt a trail

Name: CJ ArnesenDate: 6/27 - 6/28/08 Location: Adopt-a-Trail 7N09 off of HWY 4 and more Trail Boss: Jason Green Attended Friday by: Jason Green, Jay Lohr, Tom Vella, Ed Lorenzen, Chris Mains, Sherry Stortroen, CJ Arnesen, Jim Hodges and Ole Stortroen.

Attended Saturday by: Chris Mains, Jay Lohr, Jason Green, Tom Vella, Ellen Layendecker, Jim Hodges, Brian McMinn & Thu Doung, Rick & Val Arnesen, CJ Arnesen, Loro Paterson, Darell Kroeker & Lynn Warkentin & Bob Atchison, and Sherry Stortroen.

***Most of these pictures, and then MANY from the Slickrock obstacle are available HERE. The pics are in photo albums by driver. Feel free to browse through the folders. If you click the center of the image it should load a high res version, or you can click the little blue arrow download icon to the lower right side of the photo. These will still be somewhat low res. If you need higher res, or want to make a print just email me the file name of the photo you are needing and I can email you the original. Hopefully this makes sense once you see the photo album.***

I drove up late thursday night after some last minute Jeep repairs. My family has a cabin in Dorrington about 25 min away from the camp site at Horse Gulch so I slept there Thursday night and drove into camp Friday morning.

We left promptly at 9am. A shot of the camp. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

we headed out on Corral Hollow Trail. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Our first obstacle/trail repair Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Not being much more manual labor we used gas powered chain saws and gas powered pulling devices. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And then we posed like we actually worked. I’m kidding, Ole got a good workout using the chain saw, and everyone pitched in to help roll trees out of the trail. However it is fun to use our "toys" to do some of the work. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We came to a beautiful meadow where this old hunting shack sits. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Group Photo time. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting More obstacles Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jason took time to carve "GB 08" - Granite Bandits 2008 and pose. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Beautiful view while driving. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We finished Corral Hollow and decided to go into the Slick Rock trail via Lake Alpine and have some lunch. 

I was too busy eating and didn’t take any photos.

After lunch we drove the rest of the trail to the "stairstep" obstacle. The photos below try to describe each person’s attempt up in only one photo.

Jason, Hard line, VERY high centered. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

Tom, good line, lifted a tire, drove right up. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Chris, spun a few tires, but crawled right up, and was very stoked that he made it. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I bounced my way up with little finesse. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ed crawled right up it, like it was a speed bump in a shopping mall. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jim, he gets two photos. One showing some good articulation and . . . Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

one showing the very odd situation he got himself in. Two rocks jammed up between tire, gas tank, and shock. The picture doesn’t show it, but they were VERY stuck and actually pushing his tire in about 4inches. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

Jason needed some revenge after getting high centered so he took a second CRAZY line over the left of the obstacle. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Just in case you need help while on the Slick Rock trail the locals have devised a Hillbilly Cellphone in case of emergencies. It says "Hillbilly Cell Phone, Go to Highest Hill and Holler, If No answer Holler Louder, NumPad, Can you hear me now?, GOOD!" Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday night I camped, first time in about 7years I believe. It was nice, but I was jealous of the campers/showers/stoves/beds. Someday when I’m older and have paid my dues I’ll live a life of luxury.

Saturday morning my parents joined the fun. They brought along my dog Mokey, and some edible goodies to share.

Saturday, more people, more fun. We found some snow on the Mattley Loop Trail. Jason took charge. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A picture making sure everyone got credit for working. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Some more beautiful views while driving. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Group photo. High Res version available HERE (just right click and save as) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

One area on the trail was particularly bad. We picked up garbage bags full of shell casings, and other items like this: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jim with a full bag. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sherry with another. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tom took home some Volvo brake rotors. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lucky Jason found a very nice flash light while "exploring" a bit. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

One of our last logs. Quite large, but thankfully rotten. Jason pulled it over to the side. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

In proper ED4 spirit people jumped right in to roll it out of the way. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting What a fun trip, thank you. It was great to explore new parts of an area where I have grown up. Also it was great to be a part of keeping these trails open.

See ya at the next meeting, CJ



Adopt a trail

ED4, Thank you Sherry for being the “Scribe” this past weekend and thanks to all who participated!! We had a great weekend of work and play!! Ole maned the chain saw on Friday and I took care of a few small trees on Saturday. CJ documented the entire event with 200 plus photos. Watch out Ira, I think you have some competition. CJ’s mom, Val, kept everyone’s appetite in check with homemade banana bread and cookies. Jim kept us entertained with his nigh-time laser light show. I was even lucky enough to find a nice G&P Tactical Flashlight while cleaning up the garbage left behind someone’s shooting spree.

Friday we completed the Corral Hollow Trail by 12:15pm and we headed up the road to do the Slick Rock Trail and have lunch by the river. The weather was great and the smoke was not as bad at the higher elevations. The trail ride was fairly uneventful until we got to the stair-steps at the end. I tried to climb a relatively hard line with too much air in the tires and got so high centered, you almost could spin my Jeep around in a circle. I had to winch myself off the boulder. Everyone else made it up with minor delays in forward progress except for Ed who walked right up it like a driveway. After everyone was on top, I asked if they would mind if I gave it another shot with aired down tires. Of course everyone said go for it, because honestly, what 4 wheeler doesn’t like watching someone else try to roll their Jeep. I elected to try a +/- 70% granite wall off to the left side. With Ole as my guide, I made it up with a lot of luck and a heavy right foot. I just could not drive away from that damn stair-steps again with my tail between my legs. Way too much fun for one day, so we headed back to camp. On our way out, we saw Stacie Albright camping near the reservoir. We talked with her for a while and aired up our rigs and headed back to camp for some cold adult beverages.

Saturday was also fun. We had more people and cooler weather. There was probably a dozen or so large limbs I moved out of the way before anyone could get out of their rig. Then there were 3-4 very large trees across the trail that we easily pulled out of the way. Luckily all of these large trees fractured when they hit the ground, so they did not need to be cut with a saw. There was only 3 remaining snow drifts on the backside of the trail and only one required some digging to help it melt faster. We moved through the first part of the trail so fast that we had time to take an awesome group photo on the edge of a vista. Thanks to CJ and Tom for shooting some very, very cool photos of everyone and their rigs!! Look for it on the web site soon. After lunch, we traveled the last loop and moved a few more down trees. This trail had not be used in a while and tested everyone’s low gears and brakes. We were back at camp by 4pm and had the rest of the afternoon to kick-back and relax.

It was great to get out of the smokey Bay Area for a few days and enjoy the great outdoors with fellow 4 wheelers. I am ready to go back! The summer camp out should be a great weekend!!

Thanks again to all who participated and made this years Adopt-A-Trail a huge success!!!!!!



Adopt a trail

Esprit de Four members and guests: A big THANK YOU goes out to all those club members and guests who helped this past weekend, June 27 and 28, to open the Corral Hollow Trail and Mattley Loop Ridge Trail. The group consisted of the following people: (If I have misspelled names, or missed anyone, sorry, let me know to correct the records.)

Friday’s crew: Jason Green; Jay Lohr; Tom Vella; Ed Lorenzen; Chris Mains; Sherry Stortroen; C J Arnesen; Jim Hodges and Ole Stortroen.

Saturday’s crew: Chris Mains; Jay Lohr; Jason Green; Tom Vella; Ellen Layendecker; Jim Hodges; Brian McMinn; Thu Doung; Rick & Val Arnesen; C J Arnesen; Loro Paterson; Darell Kroeker; Lynn Warkentin; Bob Atchison; and Sherry Stortroen.

This year our group helped cut and clear 5 downed trees; dig thru one small snow bank; and picked up lots of garbage. There was an area off the Mattley Loop trail, that we cleaned up lots of garbage, shooting type garbage.

After Friday’s work day, Jason lead the group through the Slick Rock Trail. Nice trail, and not getting any easier. It was a nice day with work and wheeling. Thank you Jason for taking lead for the trails.

The Forest Service very much appreciates the work we do to keep these trails open. Without our help, there is a very good chance of resource damage, and trail closures. Good Job all. Thank you. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen

Newbie Run

Participates: Ira & Lorrie WeinyJim Hodges Ed Lorenzen & son Richard Beard Rob (EdGÇÖs Friend) Another friend of EdGÇÖs Tom Vella

The trip started for me when I met up with Richard Beard at Noon on Sept. 23rd at the 76 Gas station in Milpitas (Calvarias & Hwy 680). We were to meet and then caravan up to the campgrounds off of Hwy 4. The drive up was pretty much uneventful with a stop for lunch in Stockton, stop in Arnold for gas, and the last stop to get a fire permit. It was at the stop for the fire permit we found out this weekend was the opening of deer hunting season. Richard and I both looked at each other and decide we should have brought some bright orange clothes.

Once we arrived at the campgrounds (around 5:00 pm), Jim Hodges who was setting up his camp met us. Richard and I spent some time catching up with Jim and then began to set up our camp with our tents, sleeping bag, and the other misc. items we had. The rest of the early evening was spent eating dinner and sitting around and talking.

Ira and Lorrie made it into camp around 9:30 pm. As they pulled into camp I notice they were pulling a CJ-7. I though the Jeep would be a good icebreaker as my rig is a Jeep CJ-7 too. Keep in mind, this was my first trip with the club and knew only Richard. Ira and LorrieGÇÖs CJ-7 did the trick for the icebreaker. Ira and I spent a lot of time that evening talking about our rigs and more specifically about his fuel injection set-up. IGÇÖve been considering putting fuel injection in my Jeep for some time now.

Saturday morning was clear and cold (Jim made a comment that it got down to 35 degrees that night). Around 8:30 am the rest of the trip members came into camp. In the group were Ed Lorenzen and his son, Rob, and one other guy whose name IGÇÖve forgotten. We spent some time with introductions and catching up on events. Ira had a quick meeting and we were ready to start airing down and disconnecting.

The plan was to start the run at 9:30 am. The group decided it would be best to start with Corral Hollow. The trial was dry and dusty. For a Saturday, there was a fair amount of traffic on the trail. We stopped at the backpackerGÇÖs cabin, which was occupied by a couple of hunters. After an outhouse brake and talking with the hunter, we were on our way. A couple more quick stops to admire the views and we were at the end of the trail.

We decided that it would be good time to have lunch before heading to Slick Rock. Lunch was a good time to get to know the group a little more and to talk 4 wheeling (of course).

With lunch completed, it was time to move on to Slick Rock. This is where the real fun and action started. On the way, one of our group rigs went missing in action. But with some searching we were all back together. Turned out the lost little sheep got a bit confused where the trail was.

Slick Rock was as fun as usual. The trail was dry and, as with Corral Hollow, had a fair amount of traffic. Going down the slick rock section was fun and all rigs made it with no trouble. We got to the stair step section and came upon a Jeep TJ that was attempting to go up it. When we arrived he was pretty much going nowhere. Tires were spinning and he couldnGÇÖt get any traction. With some of us providing some advice and rock rolling, he still was not making it. Then one of our group members suggested he air down his tires. After doing so, he made it up with no problems. How about that GǪ.go figure, you need to air down your tires!

Now it was our turn. Ira took the lead and with a few adjustments and a few tries he was up with no problems. It was then my turn and after watching Ira, I pretty much knew what line I wanted to take and got up it with no issues. With a few adjustments here and there and some rock rolling, the rest of the rigs made it with no trouble. We completed the trail and took some time to reflex on the fun.

We decided we had enough time still in the day to make a return trip back through Slick Rock. With the group going back through, we reached the stair steps. Most of the group had gotten down without incident. For me it was a different story. Going down the steps always seems to be more difficult for me. It proved to be the case. As I was going down, I got centered on a rock and couldnGÇÖt get loose. After a few attempts, Ed notices that I broke a front hub. We got my rig off the trail and as IGÇÖm getting it off, IGÇÖm thinking, IGÇÖm going to have to finish the run in two wheel drive (I didnGÇÖt have a spare hub). ThatGÇÖs when the members of Esprit de Four came to the rescue. I was headed to the back off my Jeep to get tools and things I thought we might need. But before I knew it, the team was at work. Ira had a spare hub for his GÇÖ86 CJ-7 (I have an GÇÖ85 CJ-7). Richard had a blue tarp laid out, Ed had a bottle jack under my right front, and Rob was working the lug nuts, and extracting the broken studs. Jim was looking for needed hardware. I thought I was watching an Indy 500 pit stop. With all the help, I think, I was up and going in less than 30 minutes. I own a big thank-you for the help from all the guys.

The rest of the run out was routine with no issues. We made our way to a parking lot to air up. This is were the guys that had come up for the day and the group that was camping over night said their good byes and went their separate ways.

Ira, Lorrie, Jim, Richard, and myself headed back to camp. With a nice big fire going and full stomachs after dinner, we had a ton of fun talking about that days adventure.

Sunday morning we loaded up our vehicles with our camping gear and said our good-byes. I started for back home around 10:00 am and got into town around 2:00 pm. I had a great time and met a lot of neat folks. A+ trip.


Corral Hollow

After a long day on Saturday running some new & stock vehicles through Slickrock, Ira decided we would open the Corral Hollow trail on Sunday. I’d left the choice up to the girls - run another trail or spend the day at Lake Alpine swimming and goofing off. To my surprise, they opted for the trail! I think I have some converts.

The first I heard of it was on waking. Glenn told me they wanted to go and Ira said we were leaving at 9am. I said “Fine, what time is it?” and he said “8:30″. Oops. After I finished screaming we broke camp faster than I’ve ever done it. Glenn took the tent and I took the kitchen (made lunch, shuffled coolers etc) and we literally shoved everything into the Expedition. Thank heavens for that thing. We were on the trail at 9:15, and we were not the last ones.

I’ve never been on the trail before, so I drove right past it. Luckily my navigator Katie saw everyone waving at me, and I got turned around. We left the Ex on the side of the road, and Glenn took the wheel.

I think we went about 100 yards, and we stopped to move a tree. That became the theme of the day - go for awhile and then stop & move a tree and close off the bypass someone had made. I think we cleared 5 of them with one very small chainsaw. I never did get the girls interested in helping with the trail clearing.

The trail was mostly roadlike until we got to the cabin. We stopped and took a group photo - what a neat little place. Glenn pointed out that the Ex could easily have made it this far, and I said that he should keep it in mind for camping.

There was a fork there, and we headed on to the harder, left hand fork, which leads around a long loop. No one seemed to have any real problems.

Eventually, we came to a very large tree down at an angle. This was pretty green, had huge roots, and the top end was snagged. The decision to cut the middle part out was fine, except the saw was having a very hard time. Just as we were inventing impossible solutions with chains, winches, snatchblocks and tow straps, the Spanglers arrived from the opposite direction, with a winch! Just what we needed. With Dave Schmitt winching one end downhill, and the Dave Spangler winching the other end uphill, the middle section broke out and the pieces were rolled aside. It wasn’t really that easy - it took almost 2 hours. Incidents included the chainsaw running out of gas, Ira climbing a tree with Doug holding his feet in place and Lizzy (Randy’s dog) biting Jason while he was cutting with the saw. Glenn really got into this part of it, but the girls went off to play with Dave & Desiree’s dog.

Tree cleared, we ran up possibly the hardest part of the trail - loose dirt with loose rocks. Had to turn the lockers on and coach Glenn on throttle control (lower gear, go slower. If the tires spin, you go nowhere.) The lockers made an amazing difference and we hit the top of the hill. A few more ups and downs, and a stop to change Dave’s flat tire (another cut sidewall) and we were back at the eastern trailhead and pavement.

Most of the group headed back down to camp, but I was regretting the stupid decision not to stop for gas in Arnold. The gas needle had been below the red line for a couple of hours… Bear Valley was less than half a mile east, and we went to fill up the Jeep and head up to Lake Alpine. The Mulligans were there airing up - also on their way to get wet & cool off. I herded the girls into the restroom - nice HOT water and soap - before they hit the lake. The lady in the gas station asked where we had been & I told her. She said “Hiking?” and I said “Jeeping”. She said “What about the trees that were down?” & I said “They are gone now. All the bypasses are closed and the trail is opened!” and mentioned that the Granite Bandits had officially opened the trail. She was thrilled! The locals had been despairing about the tree that gave us so much trouble and asked how we had moved it. Two Jeeps with winches and a chainsaw…

Also met at the store: a lovely Yellow Land Cruiser from Oregon, just off the Deer Valley trail. Joe Farley and crew, just off the same trail, testing out a bunch of built Toyota trailer queens.

So, up to Lake Alpine. There is a nice little beach area where you can park in the shade and go swimming. The water was cold, but you got used to it. The Mulligans scored a campsite for the night, and we drove home. We waved at the group dining in Arnold as we drove by.

Glenn, Katie & Brooke thank everyone for a wonderful weekend! Thanks, Ellen